Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Lao PDR is contaminated with anti-personnel mines and massively contaminated with cluster munition remnants

Cluster Munition Remnants

Anti-Personnel Mines
  • Article 4 deadline

    1 August 2020

  • Performance


Performance Indicator Score
Problem understood 5
Target date for completion of clearance 5
Targeted clearance 7
Efficient clearance 6
National funding of programme 5
Timely clearance 5
Land release system in place 5
National mine action standards 7
Reporting on progress 6
Improving performance 6
Performance score 5.7

Performance Commentary

Analysis of data in the Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA) database revealed many errors requiring a major data clean-up exercise potentially slowing implementation of a badly needed national baseline survey of contamination. Procedures and standards for the survey were again the subject of extensive discussion between the National Regulatory Agency (NRA) and operators in 2016, but without a conclusion being reached. Coordination of survey and clearance required strengthening at provincial level and between provinces and the capital.

Recommendations for Action

  • National authorities and operators should agree clear standards and criteria for cluster munition remnants survey ahead of the planned national survey.
  • Procedures for issuing or renewing Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) continue to create inefficiencies and delays and should be streamlined and made more transparent to facilitate timely use of donor funds.
  • The Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) should establish a budget line for sustained national funding of the sector.

Download the full 2017 report for Lao PDR

Click here to download the full "Clearing Cluster Munition Remnants 2016" report for Lao PDR.