Cluster Munition Remnants

Anti-Personnel Mines

  • Performance


Performance Indicator Score
Problem understood 5
Target date for completion of mine clearance 2
Targeted clearance 4
Efficient clearance 3
National funding of programme 6
Timely clearance 4
Land release system in place 4
National mine action standards 5
Reporting on progress 4
Improving performance 6
Performance score 4.3

Performance Commentary

Vietnam continued to strengthen the Vietnam National Mine Action Centre (VNMAC) as a
mechanism for coordinating mine action, which is taking steps to develop legislation, standards, and information management and sharing. The extent and management of Vietnam’s national mine action capacity remains opaque and it has not demonstrated progress in defining the extent and location of remaining mine contamination or in reporting the progress of action to address it.

Recommendations for Action

  • Vietnam should accede to the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC) as a matter of priority.
  • Vietnam should prepare and publish a detailed assessment of remaining mined areas.
  • VNMAC should draw up a strategic plan for completing mine clearance.
  • VNMAC should provide regular detailed reporting on the progress of demining.

Download the full "Clearing the Mines 2018" report for Vietnam

Click here to download the "Clearing the Mines 2018" report for Vietnam.