Cluster Munition Remnants

Anti-Personnel Mines

  • Article 5 deadline

    31 December 2026

  • Performance


Performance Criterion Score
Understanding of anti-personnel mine contamination (20% of overall score) 8
National ownership and programme management (10% of overall score) 8
Gender (10% of overall score) 5
Information management and reporting (10% of overall score) 8
Planning and tasking (10% of overall score) 8
Land release system (20% of overall score) 8
Land release outputs and Article 5 compliance (20% of overall score) 8
Performance score 7.7

Key Developments

Thailand sought and obtained a further extension to its Article 5 deadline in 2022 until the end of 2026 to complete clearance of anti-personnel (AP) mined areas. It declared Phitsanulok province free of mines in 2022 but released a total of only 10km2 through survey and clearance across the country, less than half the previous year’s result, underscoring the slowing progress ahead as deminers deal with more remote tasks in difficult terrain. Thai and Cambodian leaders and mine action authorities met and endorsed cooperation over clearance of mines located in disputed border areas but Thailand said its proposal of 10 sites for clearance received no answer and Cambodian border forces intervened on 10 occasions in 2022 to halt Thai clearance operations.

Recommendations for Action

  • Thailand should actively seek agreement with Cambodia to clear mined areas on their joint border.
  • The Thai Mine Action Centre (TMAC) should complete its review of mine action standards and expedite their operational implementation.
  • Thailand should develop and disclose plans for the management of residual contamination.

Download the full "Clearing the Mines 2023" report for Thailand

Click here to download the "Clearing the Mines 2023" report for Thailand.