Cluster Munition Remnants

Anti-Personnel Mines

  • Performance

    Very Poor

Performance Indicator Score
Problem understood 2
Target date for completion of mine clearance 1
Targeted clearance 1
Efficient clearance 1
National funding of programme 1
Timely clearance 1
Land release system in place 2
National mine action standards 2
Reporting on progress 1
Improving performance 2
Performance score 1.5

Performance Commentary

Myanmar still has no functioning national mine action programme. Non-technical survey conducted by three international organisations in 2017 marked a significant step forward for operators previously restricted to risk education and limited community mapping but the government and ethnic groups do not yet permit clearance. In addition, allegations of new  mine use persisted in 2017.

Recommendation for Action

  • Myanmar should accede to the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC) as a matter of priority.
  • The Myanmar army (Tatmadaw) and armed groups should stop all use of anti-personnel mines.
  • Myanmar should accelerate non-technical survey, authorise international marking of hazardous areas, and permit accredited operators to conduct clearance and explosive ordnance disposal.
  • Myanmar should establish a national mine action authority to plan and coordinate comprehensive humanitarian mine action.

Download the full "Clearing the Mines 2018" report for Myanmar

Click here to download the "Clearing the Mines 2018" report for Myanmar.