Global cluster munition remnant contamination

As at 1 July 2019, 27 states and 3 other areas were confirmed or strongly suspected to have areas containing cluster munition remnants on their territory.

States Parties Signatory States States not party Other areas
Afghanistan Angola Azerbaijan* Kosovo
Bosnia and Herzegovina DR Congo Cambodia Nagorno-Karabakh
Chad   Georgia* Western Sahara
Chile   Iran  
Croatia   Libya  
Germany   Serbia  
Iraq   South Sudan  
Lao PDR   Sudan  
Lebanon   Syria  
Montenegro   Tajikistan  
Somalia   Ukraine  
United Kingdom**   Vietnam  
12 states parties 2 signatory states 13 states not party 3 other areas
*Clearance believed to be completed in areas under government control.
**Argentina may also be considered CMR contaminated by virtue of its assertion of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands/Malvinas.
The United Kingdom also claims sovereignty over the Islands and exercises control over them.