Iraq is very heavily contaminated with anti-personnel mines and cluster munition remnants

Cluster Munition Remnants

Anti-Personnel Mines
  • Article 4 deadline

    1 November 2023

  • Performance


Performance Indicator Score
Problem understood 5
Target date for completion of clearance 3
Targeted clearance 4
Efficient clearance 6
National funding of programme 5
Timely clearance 3
Land release system in place 6
National mine action standards 5
Reporting on progress 5
Improving performance 4
Performance score 4.6

Performance Commentary

Iraq’s mine action programme made significant progress in the south, but in central and northern Iraq the conflict with Islamic State diverted attention and resources to priorities other than clearance of cluster munition remnants (CMR).



Recommendations for Action

  • Iraq should formulate a strategic plan and detailed national standards for survey and clearance of cluster munitions.
  • Iraq should work with operators to resolve major discrepancies in data, particularly concerning operations in central and southern Iraq.
  • When circumstances permit, technical survey of areas confirmed or suspected to contain CMR should be conducted to establish a robust figure for nationwide contamination.
  • Iraq should devise procedures to end long and hazardous delays in carrying out demolitions of cleared items.



Download the full 2017 report for Iraq

Click here to download the full "Clearing Cluster Munition Remnants 2017" report for Iraq.