Vietnam is contaminated with anti-personnel mines and heavily contaminated with cluster munition remnants

Cluster Munition Remnants

Anti-Personnel Mines
  • Performance


Performance Indicator Score
Problem understood 6
Target date for completion of clearance 4
Targeted clearance 6
Efficient clearance 5
National funding of programme 6
Timely clearance 5
Land release system in place 6
National mine action standards 5
Reporting on progress 3
Improving performance 6
Performance score 5.2

Performance Commentary

The government is restructuring mine action management in a bid to improve coordination, efficiency, and standards. In the meantime, the lack of reporting by Vietnam’s army engineers and affiliated companies, which constitute by far the greatest clearance capacity, remains a key weakness and obscured any evidence of progress. The proposed Mine Action Partnership Group, which might have helped to address some of the issues, has yet to start substantive work.

Recommendations for Action

  • Vietnam should accede to the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) as a matter of priority.
  • Vietnam should develop a national strategic plan and workplan, detailing the role of national and international implementing partners.
  • Vietnam should accelerate development of a national database and make data available to operators on a timely basis.
  • Vietnam should publish comprehensive annual reports on the results of survey and clearance by all operators.
  • Vietnam should activate the Mine Action Partnership Group.

Download the full 2018 report for Vietnam

Click here to download the full "Clearing Cluster Munition Remnants 2018" report for Vietnam.