Lebanon is contaminated with anti-personnel mines and cluster munition remnants

Cluster Munition Remnants

Anti-Personnel Mines
  • Article 4 deadline

    1 May 2026

  • Performance


Performance Criterion Score
Understanding of contamination (20% of overall score) 8
National ownership and programme management (10% of overall score) 8
Gender (10% of overall score) 8
Information management and reporting (10% of overall score) 8
Planning and tasking (10% of overall score) 8
Land release system (20% of overall score) 8
Land release outputs and Article 4 compliance (20% of overall score) 6
Performance score 7.6

Key Developments

The Lebanon Mine Action Centre (LMAC) continued to strengthen Lebanon’s mine action programme during 2022. Total release of cluster munition-contaminated area in 2022 was up on the previous year, and increased technical survey (TS) improved operational efficiency. Lebanon has seen a significant drop in capacity for the clearance of cluster munition remnants (CMR), the result of less international funding and no national funding for CMR clearance due to the economic crisis in Lebanon. Lebanon is not on track to meet its extended Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) Article 4 clearance deadline of 1 May 2026.

Recommendations for Action

  • Following the updates to the national mine action standards (NMAS), all implementing agencies in Lebanon should routinely conduct TS (manual, mechanical, or with mine detection dogs (MDDs)) in the release of CMR tasks.
  • LMAC should determine how it plans to address CMR in especially difficult terrain, such as deep canyons and very steep cliffs, and should publicly report on the number and size of CMR tasks concerned and LMAC’s plans to address these areas.
  • Lebanon should regularly update its CCM Article 4 planning based on annual outputs achieved.
  • Lebanon should develop a resource mobilisation strategy to enable it to meet its annual CMR clearance targets as set out in its Article 4 deadline extension request.

Download the full 2023 report for Lebanon

Click here to download the full "Clearing Cluster Munition Remnants 2023" report for Lebanon.