Lebanon is contaminated with anti-personnel mines and cluster munition remnants

Cluster Munition Remnants

Anti-Personnel Mines
  • Article 4 deadline

    1 May 2021

  • Performance


Performance Criterion Score
Understanding of contamination (20% of overall score) 7
National ownership and programme management (10% of overall score) 9
Gender (10% of overall score) 7
Information management and reporting (10% of overall score) 7
Planning and tasking (10% of overall score) 8
Land release system (20% of overall score) 8
Land release outputs and Article 4 compliance (20% of overall score) 7
Performance score 7.5

Key Developments

The Lebanon Mine Action Centre (LMAC) continued to make strong progress in releasing cluster munition-contaminated area in 2019. Lebanon has requested a five-year extension to its Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) Article 4 deadline, and in line with its new National Mine Action Strategy for 2020–25, is aiming to complete clearance of known cluster munition remnant (CMR) contamination by the end of 2025. As part of efforts to re-survey all cluster munition-contaminated areas by the end of 2020 to help inform Article 4 planning, LMAC cancelled 1.90km2 in 2019.

Recommendations for Action

  • LMAC should complete non-technical re-survey of all remaining cluster munition-contaminated areas, to help more accurately determine its baseline of contamination.
  • Evidence-based non-technical and technical survey should routinely be used to confrm and identify the area of actual CMR contamination prior to clearance.
  • The integration and consolidation of the LMAC and Regional Mine Action Centre (RMAC) databases and servers should be completed as soon as possible.
  • LMAC should ensure consistent application of national mine action standards (NMAS) across the country with respect to metal detection requirements and the interpretation of metal-free.
  • LMAC should determine how it plans to address CMR contamination in especially difficult terrain, such as deep canyons and very steep cliffs.

Download the full 2020 report for Lebanon

Click here to download the full "Clearing Cluster Munition Remnants 2020" report for Lebanon.