Cluster Munition Remnants

Anti-Personnel Mines

  • Article 5 deadline

    1 January 2025

  • Performance


Performance Criterion Score
Understanding of anti-personnel mine contamination (20% of overall score) 5
National ownership and programme management (10% of overall score) 4
Gender (10% of overall score) 4
Information management and reporting (10% of overall score) 5
Planning and tasking (10% of overall score) 4
Land release system (20% of overall score) 5
Land release outputs and Article 5 compliance (20% of overall score) 3
Performance score 4.3

Key Developments

Chad released a small amount of land in 2020 but also substantially increased its estimate of anti-personnel mine contamination. Measures to contain COVID-19, including tight travel restrictions and closure of the international airport, halted operations for several months.

Recommendations for Action

  • The National High Commission for Demining (HCND) should set out clear plans detailing the priority areas to be targeted for non-technical survey along with timelines for implementation.
  • The HCND should ensure that demining assets are deployed to clear areas with known mine contamination.
  • Chad should intensify and report on resource mobilisation to secure and diversify funding and attract international technical and operational support.

Download the full "Clearing the Mines 2021" report for Chad.

Click here to download the "Clearing the Mines 2021" report for Chad.