Cluster Munition Remnants

Anti-Personnel Mines

  • Article 5 deadline

    31 December 2025

  • Performance

    Very Good

Performance Criterion Score
Understanding of anti-personnel mine contamination (20% of overall score) 8
National ownership and programme management (10% of overall score) 8
Gender (10% of overall score) 6
Information management and reporting (10% of overall score) 8
Planning and tasking (10% of overall score) 8
Land release system (20% of overall score) 8
Land release outputs and Article 5 compliance (20% of overall score) 9
Performance score 8.0

Key Developments

All mined areas remaining in Zimbabwe are now confirmed hazardous areas (CHAs). The challenge for Zimbabwe in meeting its Article 5 deadline under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC) remains securing the requisite funding from donors in a country with significant competing social and economic challenges. Zimbabwe launched its reviewed National Mine Action Completion Strategy 2018–2025 and a Communications and Resource Mobilisation Strategy in January 2023, seeking to address this challenge. In 2022, Zimbabwe made significant changes to procedures for “missed-mine drills” (executed where gaps in the pattern minefield are found), which have considerably increased efficiency.

Recommendations for Action

  • The Zimbabwe Mine Action Centre (ZIMAC) should continue to prioritise efforts to secure additional national and international funding to meet its 2025 clearance completion deadline.
  • Zimbabwe should elaborate a gender and diversity policy and an implementation plan for the mine action programme.

Download the full "Clearing the Mines 2023" report for Zimbabwe

Click here to download the "Clearing the Mines 2023" report for Zimbabwe.